Monday, October 26, 2009


I've had several people write to me about the "Showdown in Chicago". As usual, our media is out to lunch and I wouldn't have even known about it if it weren't for the keen eye of fellow 'netters.

While such a protest as this sounds fun, I'll tell you the problem with these organized protests:

  • First of all, an individual or organization that wants to do a protest is now forced to "Apply" for a "permit" from cities - a direct violation of our US Constitution but municipalities no longer think our constitution in relevant. If your application is "approved" your protest rally is usually confined to a park or obscure end of a street or downtown area, where the general public will not really see you. That's how protesters are now marginalized and why they get relatively scant media attention.

  • Secondly, the Tea parties haven't worked. They're fun (I went to one on tax day), but again marginalized by the media and most are thousands of miles from any politicians or gov't houses/representatives meeting places. So there's a huge geographical disconnect there, making it easier for politicians to ignore us.

  • Third, we saw phone-calling and letter-writing campaigns of UNPRECEDENTED NUMBERS to gov't representatives offices 300 to 1 against the bailouts - and they went ahead and voted 'yes' anyway. This proves the politicians really don't give a damn what we think and care even less about what we want.

So what's left... ??? THE INTERNET!!!

We have the power, in our very hands THIS INSTANT, to COLLAPSE these evil corporations that have ruined our once-great nation and it's people's future. We have the ability to cyber-organize people from every corner of the globe to the extent that we could bring BIG BANKS DOWN, choke off politician's bribe money from Wall St., and VOTE OUT every single incumbant in office!!! The internet is our last and best resort.

There's been lots of talk amongst some of the more extreme of us out there of "armed revolution" but how realistic is that??? What are we going to do - march make-shift militias 3000 miles to D.C. ? Hell, we wouldn't even make it out of town. Maybe that would work 200 years ago, but not now.




dakota1955 said...

Hey, just want you to know, we've not only decided to tear up our credit cards but we are also simply refusing to pay the $12,000+ balance, EVER, NEVER!

We are not employed, have no wages to garnish (collect SS) and in a few short weeks will no longer own a house.


Anonymous said...

Why should municipalities be concerned with the Constitution of the United States? If you’ve closely read the US Constitution, you would see that it places very little restrictions upon the states or municipalities. The Bill of Rights only applies to the national government. It says it in the first line after all! “Congress shall make no law…” not the states shall make no law!

God bless

nancy said...

I have a similiar occurrance. I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for 30 years. I have always had a special rate for their loyal customers, 5.99 %. Three months ago they raised it to 18%. I have called numerous times to request a readjustment. No luck. I am at a loss as to what to do about it. Bail? ruin my credit? I do carry a balance, but now the interest rate alone is killing me. Why can't we negotiate with the bank? I am willing to pay the amount owed when the interest rate was do- able. Wells Fargo Bank is corrupt.

Nicole said...

I have joined a Debt Management Program and will be saving.......$13,000.00 in interest!!!
Take your 29.99% and put that in your pipe you Monetary VAMPIRES!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to Go!

I'm fighting my own personal battle with Bank of America Mortgage (which they took over from Countrywide). The banks are exploiting the people and taking money from the government at the same time. They have little intention of modifying these loans. The result is a delayed reaction and a more struggling borrower. They are not taking the government plan seriously..except to take the money.

I don't know how to do it, but we must all somehow unite and continue to protest these banks any way we can. I'm in. The think is to convince America NOT TO PAY THEM. If everyone in the US simply quit paying their credit cards, the banks would go down pretty quickly, unable to stem the huge losses this would incur. The problem is - How do we convince others to do it?

Anonymous said...

Yes we have the internet now but for how long? Net neutrality on the surface sounds good but could be a backdoor for government to filter content.

oceania said...

i am ready i had 3 cards go from 12.99% to 29.99% because of 1 late payment in 25 years. today was the last straw my daughter ordered a pair of UGG boots the company sent the wrong color and size. I am not rich i am a single mother at poverty level thanks to huge medical bills. the uggs were a choice because of their reputation of long wearing. anyway the boots were not uggs or the right color and size i tried to get them returned but the company was not cooperative. so i called suntrust Mastercard/fia cardservices.i sent the correct inof but they told me i needed more info. i sent a15 page fax with all the info and i was told there was nothing they would do.i thought they were suppose to help but i was wrong. i feel used and abused
sincerely Francine Vallone

dakota1955 said...

Interesting responses you've garnered. Unfortunately most people aren't in a position to allow their credit to slip into the netherland. Ann and I are. We're also simply tired of participating in the game. Americans need to learn to live within their means. That means paying cash. If there's no cash, you can't afford it. Until then, you'll all be beholden to banks. A four point plan? Not likely I would support it, we'll see. I support the following plan and have implemented it.

1. Close all bank accounts

Yes, we have to pay for certain expenses, gas, electric, mortgage, etc., with money orders, BUT the banks don't have ANY of our money.

2. Discard all credit cards

Of course we don't have bank accounts so we do have cash. If we want it, we buy it. If we don't want it or don't have the cash, we don't buy it. It's quite simple. There isn't a bank or credit card company that makes a single dime of profit from us. That's the way we want it. I'm not playing their game with the 60% of my income that I get to keep after taxes. We managed to bail out on 13,000 dollars worht of credit card debt. The increase in your credit card interest rate is directly related to people like us AND, we're glad. Credit cards are for suckers. The whole concept is a sucker's bet, at best.

4. Stop consumption

Easier said than done of course. We NEVER eat out. I download movies for free. We disconnected cable two years ago. We don't buy ANYTHING except food and a small amount of gasoline. We even repair our clothes. We're older, certain things matter much less to us now. We wish thought like this from the very beginning.

5. Shop locally

That means avoiding Wal-Mart and other big box stores. The retailers will become accustomed to your face, they'll learn your name and they'll truly appreciate your business.

6. Take care of family and friends

In the coming years as unemployment inevitably increases and prices rise the simple edict that you can count on your friends and family will take on more meaning. When Americans realize that the corporations they've depended on for years are leaving them high and dry, something they should have realized by now but haven't, they just might decide only a revolution will end the injustices.