Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God Is Awesome And Loves Us! (Exciting stuff in the works!!!)


A little late getting my posts updated here, I know. Working my "day job" demands a big chunk of my available time and energy, and there is no shortage of customers in my business. However, I have managed to get quite a bit accomplished with the "Tax Revolt" plan, and the new website is in development. The best part of new website will be a full-functioning membership registration system that will be able to really mobilize all the Revolt Army Members that will truly be a force to be reckoned with! We need to have the website up and running before the BIG announcement in order to capture the energy I think it will generate. The REAL "change" we need is going to come from THE PEOPLE, not a politician or a tea party or the bankster enablers in Washington - not from a stim-u-LESS or a car-buying scheme or health-scare bill... But from YOU!


I just got off the phone and I'm so hyped I nearly needed to breathe into a paper bag. I will be a guest on "The Sovereign Economist" internet radio show next week - and I'm already giving thanks because the other guest will be none other than BOB CHAPMAN, world-renowned author and publisher of The International Forecaster!!!!! For those of you who don't know who he is, you are in for an hour of fascinating education and insight you WON'T get from mainstream media. He is one of the people who I stumbled upon while surfing the 'net researching the financial collapse nearly two years ago. He has made startlingly accurate financial and geopolitical event predictions which (unfortunately) came true. His courage to speak out about issues that world powers would rather he not divulge helped inspire me to do the Debtors Revolt. Since I released the "Debtors Revolt Begins Now" video two months ago, I have been on CBS Evening News, Fox & Friends, The Shepard Smith Show, Inside Edition, Suze Orman, and many other big-name media. But being on an internet radio show with the likes of Bob Chapman is by far the most exciting yet! He is a true patriot and I highly respect his lifetime of work and wisdom. You can check out his website at

Wednesday, Nov. 25th at 4pm Pacific time.
(If you can't listen at time of broadcast, don't worry - the site will have archived downloadable audio file of the show).

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On a heavier note (okay, I couldn't resist the metal pun) Dave Mustaine and Co. just released their new album "Endgame" which is a concept-album about the new world order and the frightening ramifications of it. I was really excited about this album, since the subject matter is so intense and the artistry possibilities endless. Something like this steeped in the broth of one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time was as intriguing as the new movie "2012". I downloaded the album as soon as it was available and gave it a listen. I was quite surprised - Megadeth has gone back to their hardcore speed-metal roots with a modernized charge that just blasted me right out of the water! The songs are fast and furious, though there are a few contrasting interludes and curiously the album's first track opens with a sizable guitar lead. I have to say I was a bit disappointed since I've never gotten really into the speed-metal thing. I have total respect for the difficulty involved in playing that style of metal and the incredibly precise timing and meticulous musicianship it takes to do it right - I just really don't like listening to it for more than two minutes.

IMHO I think that Megadeth could have done so much more with the NWO concept, although I did enjoy the track "1,320" somewhat. While totally old-school 'Deth fans will be delighted with the speed and fury of this album, I'll have to stick with the more melodic and dynamic faves like "Hidden Treasures", "Countdown to Extinction", "Youthanasia" and "Cryptic Writings".

It's OK though Dave - I still love you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Now or Never

Our country is at the precipice of utter destruction. Anyone who has not been in a coma for the last two years knows we are headed completely down the crapper. This is evidenced by a failing economy, skyrocketing unemployment, deteriorating currency, government takeovers, higher taxes and our liberties being eroded on a daily basis in the name of "globalism" and "security". What's more, our government Representatives (whom our forefathers intended as citizens who would serve terms - not be professional career-politicians) have been systematically and completely possessed by global corporate interests.

In case you HAVE been in a coma, here's a newsflash for ya... YOUR GOVERNMENT NO LONGER WORKS FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. PERIOD. And anyone who denies this is either: a) lying, b) delusional or c), both.

Things are happening so fast, if we don't act now - we may NEVER BE ABLE TO. I don't know about you, but I will not enjoy being a slave-sheep living in a country that resembles something the former Soviet Union dropped off on the Salvation Army's front stoop!

WE THE PEOPLE have to do something... And not a moment too soon! I'm in the process of formulating a simple "4-point" plan that all Americans will be able to incorporate into their everyday decision-making. I'm calling it a "Tax Revolt", but it will have nothing illegal in it and will involve a more 'round-about way of choking off the corporate feeding tubes that have a greed-and-power stranglehold on our nation.

I'm NOT against Capitalism - in fact, just the opposite. I believe in it so strongly, that had government taken a hands-off approach in response to the banking crisis last year - the system would have been purged of the corruption and vomit created by Wall St. and the big banks. Would it be painful? Yes. Would our system be disrupted? You bet. But the banks who exercised more responsible practices and prudence would be well on the way to taking up the slack and helping us with a REAL recovery.

The government is too big, too corrupt, too expensive and too ineffective. There are too many alphabet agencies, too many regulations, mandates, taxes, taxes and MORE TAXES it is no wonder we are TENS OF TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in DEBT!!!

If you are coming from a Christian worldview, we know that the outcome may be predetermined. BUT NOWHERE in the bible say we as Christians need to just sit down and allow evil to run riot unfettered. Rockerchics don't put up with that, and neither should you. In fact, I'm going to piss Satan off every chance I get!

We have to stop it. It's now - or never.

Stay tuned and GET READY!!!

God Bless us and the United States of America.