Monday, February 1, 2010


Is it just me or does time seem to have accelerated? We are already past January and I'm still in a choc-o-holic detox from the holidays! I guess rockerchics don't have good time management skills otherwise this blog would be updated much more frequently than it is. But, when I do post I aim not to disappoint - so, finally the NEW & IMPROVED Debtors Revolt! website is up and running!

I hope you will go check it out, make note of the NEW ADDRESS, bookmark it to your favorites and tell all your friends. Thanx so much for your patience!

The new website offers:

  • Expanded information
  • Tips
  • Resources
  • Membership (always free)
  • Free downloadable materials
  • The Tax Revolt! plan
  • And much more to come (it's a work in progress)

C'mon over to


Those who know me are aware that I am VERY picky about new music (to me the best music in the world came out in the 1980's). However, I do listen to the contemporary rock station and once in awhile they play something good. A few weeks ago, I heard a new song called "I get off". It totally rocked! Grinding guitar riffs, thundering drums and BONUS: Melodic and powerful female vocals (yes! the singer was actually singing instead of barking into the mike like a demon-possessed hound dog like so many of these new metal bands do). The station didn't announce the name of the artist, but I said to my husband, "Hey! This chick rocks - reminds me of the good stuff from the old days."

We were busy running errands, and I thought I'll just look it up later to see who that band was. Of course, I forgot about it, until yesterday. I heard another butt-kicking song on the radio, the same band. This time it was another track called "I'm in love with somebody". It rocked even more than the first one! I literally dropped what I was doing and immediately went to the radio station's website in hopes they listed "now playing"... Got it! The name of the band is HALESTORM. So I went to the band's official website to check out more of their songs, and they are ALL AWESOME! My favorite track is a haunting but not-sappy love ballad called "Familar Taste of Poison". The lead guitarist/vocalist, extremely talented Lizzy Hale, sings her @ss off and she is gorgeous too! (I"m sure breaking hearts wherever she goes). While the self-titled album is available on ITunes, I got a much better deal downloading the album off the band's official Atlantic Records website - 4.99 for the whole album! Such a deal - I feel like I have struck gold!

In case you don't know how picky I am about new music, this should explain it:

The last time I got this excited about a new band, it was Evanescence - that was in 2005! And before that, Hoobastank in 2002!

80's metalheads may be cheap, but we aren't easy! ;)

Here's their website, check 'em out:


I'm praying for you every night - please hang on and don't give up.