Sunday, February 15, 2009

Freedom and Liberty: R.I.P.

Most people in the U.S. think that Obama's stimulus bill is for fixing the train wreck known as the economy. WRONG. Most of the components in the 1,400 page bill are bits and pieces of spending that will have minimal, if any, impact on the economy. The house and senate are being pushed into voting on this thing immediately, though most of our representatives haven't even had time to read it! What's really terrifying though, is some of the "bits and pieces" tagged on to this behemoth are other bills that would not stand a chance of being passed if illuminated on their own accord. Just to name a few:

  • The Holt Act, which will require every single gun owner in the nation to register with a new alphabet agency of the Federal Government. You will have to submit to re-licensing every 5 years, and forfeit your right to protection under the constitution against random search as seizure. In other words, the feds will have total control over how, when, where and why you own a firearm. They can take it away, any time they want, without due process.

  • The creation of a Federal electronic database of every American's medical record, including diagnoses, treatments, medications, who is treating you, etc. It will be used to determine whether your medical provider is giving you "appropriate, cost-effective treatments". This is mandatory for ANYONE who even steps into a doctor's office or gets treatment from a hospital. That means that the federal government will know all of your private health information and decide for you and your doctor what treatments you will or won't get! Aside from the invasion of privacy, just imagine what can be done when, (not "if "- we know NO electronic records ANYWHERE are completely safe) you are barred from certain jobs, insurance or health coverage because of your medical conditions!!!

Now, you don't have to take the word of a dumb blond if you think this information is hogwash. Do your own research. If a bubble-headed rockerchic can find this information with a little Googling, you can too.

The bottom line is, America is quickly transforming from a free republic into a hybrid socialist-fascist country. You, your children and grandchildren will no longer be FREE in any way, shape or form. The constitution is being thrown out the window. Every aspect of your lives will be molded, monitored and accountable to a totalitarian government.


8 States, including New Hampshire and Oklahoma, have drafted resolutions that basically tells the Federal Government to butt-out of State business and State sovereignty. They are publicly stating that the Federal government is trampling on the Constitution, and won't tolerate any more of the feds bullying.

Counties within the State of California (where rockerchics are hatched) are organizing their own "tax revolt" and are either suing the State for forcing mandated programs without funding them, or shutting down said mandated programs - even though some may risk prosecution for doing so. These mandated programs include things like welfare, services for the elderly and disabled, etc.

I've even heard some rumblings among working citizens that they will change their W-4 withholding exemptions to "25", thereby eliminating most or all Federal withholding of their paychecks. (It's not illegal, but at the end of the tax year you had better come up with the money owed for that year's taxes or risk a spanking from the IRS). I suppose one who has financial discipline could put the equivalent of their "saved" withholdings in a savings account, then pay the taxes at the end of the year. It does make sense in that you won't be loaning Uncle Sam your hard-earned money interest-free. Hmmmm......


With the continuing collapse of the economy, layoffs, civil liberties, and privacy being eroded on a daily basis the only way we can retain any sense of freedom anymore is to wean ourselves off government and corporate systems. To each our own abilities and resources, try to get "off grid" as much as possible. Plant a garden and store food so you need little or no income to survive. Downsize your life (do you really need to "own" a large home enslaved to an overgrown mortgage? You don't really own that house anyway - the bank does!) Get your money out of paper assets: Invest in tangibles such as gold, silver, storable food, emergency supplies, etc. Get off the credit cards and pay-as-you-go. The more we depend on the government to meet our needs, the more control they gain over you. Re-prioritize your values: Would you rather live as a slave to the corporate-government system to have the big house, newer vehicles, designer clothes, etc.? If we continue to consider this lifestyle as "success" we are living a lie. I would rather be free living in a rental or paid-for humble abode than enslaved to the banking cartel. Real success is family responsibility, helping others, serving God and our communities with our natural gifts. Look what a mess the government has created in managing itself. Do you really want them managing every aspect of your life?


California and other Western states have been really thirsty - facing one of the worst droughts in memory. 4 months ago, my hubby and I rocked on up to Grants Pass, Oregon for the a gig. Driving across the Lake Shasta bridges, we were horrified at how low the lake was. Those of us who remember the bad drought we had in the 70's remember the lake level at that time. It was way lower than it was back then! Entire docks were sitting aground, there was more bank than there was water. Thankfully, last week a series of storms came in, and supposedly will continue through February. This may help spare us from very strict water rationing down the road. Rockerchics usually don't like rain, but we do like flushing toilets, showering and a little extravagance known as a swimming pool. (Hey, greenfreaks - it gets HOT here in the summer. We can't all live in chilly, foggy San Francisco!).
(Photo credit: Thewhitebear of


On the VH1 Classic channel they launched a heavy metal talk show called, "That Metal Show". Hosted by Eddie Trunk (Founder of the channel's hugely popular "Metal Mania") and two other guys I've never heard of. They interview legendary metal musicians such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Lita Ford, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister front man), and many others. The trivia competition segment is "Stump the Trump", which I love playing along with. Eddie usually has my metal trivia beat by miles but I always learn something I didn't know before. Interspersed with lots of humor, practical jokes (usually on Eddie or some unsuspecting fan), album reviews, debates and tour info, this is a talk show I don't mind watching. They're gearing up for the second half of the season to start airing in March. Check your local listings for day/time.


A digital family slide-show project I've been working on has stirred my nostalgic side. Besides missing my family members (most of whom have all passed). I found this photo of me in the 1980's, and found myself pining for the days when my biggest worries in life were, "what to wear to the concert?", or whether the drummer would ask me out. Living in L.A. in the mid 80's was the greatest time and place for a 20-something rockerchic to be living. Hair bands galore! Big hair! 24/7 nightlife! I did hair and makeup for some of the band members I knew back in the day. Quite an exciting time for a country girl from rural Northern California. Ahhh, those were the days...
Rockerchic - Circa 1988!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As I write this, the state of California (where I live, and was born and raised) is not issuing payments for student aid, tax refunds and some welfare programs. Banks are teetering on the brink of failure even after hundreds of billions of cash infusions (your money, 30% of which was used to pay out end-of-year bonuses to rich banking professionals P.S.-and-by-the-way). Massive layoffs are wiping millions off the job landscape, people are killing themselves and their own wives and children, unemployment funds in many states have run dry, subsisting only on federal "loans", retirement funds have been decimated and retail businesses large and small are belly-up by the thousands. You know, I'm not a history expert, but from what I've heard this sounds an awful lot like a depression to me.


Just six months ago, the "officials" and mainstream media finance gurus were not only calling a bottom, but insisted that we weren't even in a recession! They insisted that, "the fundamentals of our economy are solid." Now they claim that "no one saw this coming". Really?!?!?! There were DOZENS of economists, journalists, authors, historians, trend researchers and finance buffs who called this whole scenario years ago. When any of their predictions were presented to mainstream media finance "experts", government officials or banking establishments, the warnings were immediately dismissed or even ridiculed. We were told not to listen to "doomsayers". We were told they were crazy, on "the fringe", scaremongers. A little over a year ago, I stumbled upon the rantings of some of these whack-o, apocalypse fruit loops theories and predictions. I though it was outrageous, I really didn't believe it - but kept observing events and monitoring what these guys were saying just out of curiosity. To my horror and amazement, every single thing they said would happen came true!

--- But you don't have to believe me, I'm just a bubble-headed blond rockerchic. No, you can see for yourself by googling these people and referring to their published, audio and video testimonials from a year to many years ago: Peter Schiff, David Walker, Gerald Celente, George Ure, Max Keiser, Bob Chapman, James Kunstler, Kevin Denninger, "manoftruth" and "myspacesecrets" (YouTube channels), Eric Cedarstrom and Joe Jacquint (Patriot Radio News at, and Dr. Lee Warren. These are just a few - there are many others you will find as you start looking.


We were told that the situation was going to be "contained." Then we were told it was going to be contained with emergency loans from the Federal Reserve Bank. That didn't work, so then we were told it would be fixed at a price (the first bailout, 700 billion). That didn't work either. Now they are telling us that the economy will be fixed, for real, honestly, really this time... but at a much higher price (again, with your money). Do you really think that because there's a different president in office that this time, this Trillion, is really going to work? If you do, I seriously suggest you stop by my place of employment - the county mental health department - and be evaluated for a specific type of delusional disorder I like to call "The Charlie-Brown and Lucy Syndrome". That's where Lucy holds the football, and promises not to pull it away as Charlie kicks it with all his might. Of course, every time she does pull the football away and Charlie quickly finds the ground plastered to his aching rear-end. Charlie Brown continues to fall for Lucy's promise that this time, it will be different.


The tin-foil hat brigade now says that what we have to look forward to for the rest of '09 and several years out is not pretty. In fact, it's downright frightening. Here's just a brief rundown of what's most likely will occur - some of which is certain to occur - but in which order depends on many variables. So here goes:

- 15 to 20 percent unemployment
- Banking holiday (where the banks shut down temporarily, without notice, to keep the currency from collapsing)
- Currency collapse, if above does not work (google Iceland collapse for a little taste of that)
- Food shortages
- Riots, civil unrest (already happening in Western Europe and Iceland)
- Martial law (in response to above)
- Tax revolts
- Mass homelessness
- Middle class wiped out, all are thrown into severe poverty
- Rampant hyperinflation (google Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe inflation)


If the majority of the American public were smarter than a rockerchic, we would all be marching on Washington with torches and pitchforks this very moment!



Billy Powell, keyboardist for the legendary rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, passed away last week of a heart attack. Lynyrd Skynyrd were the pioneers of "Southern Rock" with mega-hits such as "Sweet Home Alabama", "Freebird" and "That Smell". Billy was one of the last surviving members of the original band lineup, and was predeceased by Ronnie Van Zant (lead singer), Steve Gaines and Cassie Gaines who were killed in a plane crash in 1977 shortly after the release of the "Street Survivors" album. That was my freshman year in high school, and that album was hugely popular - every kid I knew ran out and bought that album, which remains one of my favorites to this day. Thank the Good Lord for remastering audio technology, which will allow Billy and the band's legacy of great music to be shared with future generations.

I believe that God puts every single person on the earth for a reason. Whether we live up to God's plan for us is a choice. I believe Billy was put here to make great music for everyone to enjoy. God bless him for living up to that mission in his life.

Until next time, Rock on!