Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Now or Never

Our country is at the precipice of utter destruction. Anyone who has not been in a coma for the last two years knows we are headed completely down the crapper. This is evidenced by a failing economy, skyrocketing unemployment, deteriorating currency, government takeovers, higher taxes and our liberties being eroded on a daily basis in the name of "globalism" and "security". What's more, our government Representatives (whom our forefathers intended as citizens who would serve terms - not be professional career-politicians) have been systematically and completely possessed by global corporate interests.

In case you HAVE been in a coma, here's a newsflash for ya... YOUR GOVERNMENT NO LONGER WORKS FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. PERIOD. And anyone who denies this is either: a) lying, b) delusional or c), both.

Things are happening so fast, if we don't act now - we may NEVER BE ABLE TO. I don't know about you, but I will not enjoy being a slave-sheep living in a country that resembles something the former Soviet Union dropped off on the Salvation Army's front stoop!

WE THE PEOPLE have to do something... And not a moment too soon! I'm in the process of formulating a simple "4-point" plan that all Americans will be able to incorporate into their everyday decision-making. I'm calling it a "Tax Revolt", but it will have nothing illegal in it and will involve a more 'round-about way of choking off the corporate feeding tubes that have a greed-and-power stranglehold on our nation.

I'm NOT against Capitalism - in fact, just the opposite. I believe in it so strongly, that had government taken a hands-off approach in response to the banking crisis last year - the system would have been purged of the corruption and vomit created by Wall St. and the big banks. Would it be painful? Yes. Would our system be disrupted? You bet. But the banks who exercised more responsible practices and prudence would be well on the way to taking up the slack and helping us with a REAL recovery.

The government is too big, too corrupt, too expensive and too ineffective. There are too many alphabet agencies, too many regulations, mandates, taxes, taxes and MORE TAXES it is no wonder we are TENS OF TRILLIONS of DOLLARS in DEBT!!!

If you are coming from a Christian worldview, we know that the outcome may be predetermined. BUT NOWHERE in the bible say we as Christians need to just sit down and allow evil to run riot unfettered. Rockerchics don't put up with that, and neither should you. In fact, I'm going to piss Satan off every chance I get!

We have to stop it. It's now - or never.

Stay tuned and GET READY!!!

God Bless us and the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

I'm listening....... by the way, we vote today here and unlike my voting history, I am going Independent.

The Woman's Sufferage was way too powerful, not to vote.

The haters need to sit back, please, and perhaps open up your mind.
We are not trying to get out of paying lenders on debt.

Anonymous said...

CHECK OUT MY video on you tube titled Stand up to the Credit Card Companies AMERICA. These credit card companies are getting out of control. Something needs to be done about this.

Anonymous said...

The banks are getting away with murder. They charge 16% when they get the money for 05 and they also got money form tarp. One late payment and they put the rate to 29.99% I want to pay my debt but at those rate it is impossalbe to do so. We all need to take action and make sure our voices are heard. If it so many of us going bankrupt to force fairness then so be it.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Ann. I would suggest a slightly less black black for your background. It makes it hard to read your blog.

The dark blues against pitch black are probably ok for night time viewing or on a super bright monitor, but for those of use with retrol CTR's (Cathode Ray Tube), it is very hard to read your blog.

If you click on my signature and check out my blogs, you may notice that I stay away from pure black but won't hesitate to use a dark dark gray.

hunt1803 said...

Hi Ann! One of the ladies I work with is finally getting her autodraft and autodeposits switched out from that BoA constrictor and into a local credit union. She had banked with them for 50 years. The customer service rep at the bank asked if she would mind sharing why she was ending her long relationship with BoA, and my friend told her she was unhappy with the way BoA was treating customers these days. She about fell over when the customer service rep said she totally agreed, and was herself looking for a job - after having worked at that branch for 40 years!
My friend said she had intended to bring up the Debtors Revolt, but was so astounded that this long term employee was walking away she totally forgot... But she said to tell you she that although she's not in debt at all, she's totally behind the revolt. My friend is 78 years young...

Kozlov Mikhail said...

Hello, dear Ann,

My name is Kozlov Mikhail, me 37, I am a business coach and I am from Moscow, Russia.
I head the Russian Union of struggle against Banks manipulations “Credit Amnesty”.
I have been searched for the similar organization in the USA for a long time and at last have seen your video//
I am amazed by your determination and boldness. It is great that in your country still there are people, for which TV and meal not the most important thing in a life and they are ready to struggle for public interests.
In Russia the credit boom lasted not for long with 2006 for 2008, in this time about 30 million people became debtors/Banks offered credits on 10-12 %, and after contract signing the bank rate reached sometimes to 60 %. Now about 20 million people have got troubles with payments by credits and are exposed to strong pressure from outside banks. People live in depression, drink alcohol much and make suicides. Our organization have already involved about 4 000 debtors, and we hold meetings and anti-bank actions.
We are very interested in co-operation with your DebtorsRevoltNow project and in exchange with you experience.

With huge respect,
Kozlov Mikhail

Lady Arual said...
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Lady Arual said...

"In case you HAVE been in a coma, here's a newsflash for ya... YOUR GOVERNMENT NO LONGER WORKS FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. PERIOD."

Have you read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States"? Our government has NEVER worked for the intersts of the people. It has ALWAYS been in the pocket of the elites!