Saturday, October 24, 2009

Debtors Revolt and BEYOND!!!

Wow, I know it's been a long time since I posted on this blog. I decided it's time to blow the dust off and use this as my RANT page which will be linked to my Debtors Revolt website. So much exciting stuff is happening, I can't keep everyone updated fast enough with my YouTube videos or website (which is still under construction, but a temporary one is on my other blogspot page, )


After the hornets nest I stirred up with my "Debtors Revolt Starts Now!" video, posted on YouTube on Sept. 8th, you would think that any bank with my name in their customer database would flag it. But NOOOO.... Chase bank apparently doesn't know or doesn't care what I have done to their competitor, Bank of America, who a few months ago jacked my APR up to 30%. Since the release of that video, 455,000 people viewed that video and I appeared on dozens of national, TV and radio appearances. Not to mention front page news in HUNDREDS of blogs all over the 'net! Thousands of viewers wrote me, many of whom joined the Debtors Revolt and have refused payment on their credit card accounts which had the APR ballooned to usurious levels. As a result, the banksters are reporting record defaults. It appears they NEVER LEARN! You cannot screw good customers and expect them to pay you!



Yes, you read that right - a TAX revolt! Why? Because the government is in the back pockets of the banksters. Did you know that 40% of campaign contributions come from financial institutions? That's why the government has allowed banks to create this freakin' mess of an economy we have today.


Don't even go there!!! BOTH DemoCRAPs and RepubliCONs are co-conspirators of the big global banking cartel - you know it, I know it. The government knows it. Take for example, the fact that sound currency practices were ended under the Nixon administration when gold was unhinged from our currency in 1971. We had terrible inflation and a recession under Jimmy Carter, the fall of the savings and loans collapse started under Reagan and ended with Bush 1, banks were let out of their asylum under the repeal of the Glass-Stegall act under the Clinton administration, etc., etc., etc. Need I go on? The plain fact of the matter is BOTH DEMS AND REPS have SOLD OUT the American people, and good jobs and industries have been handed over to the globalists.


Kick out both the major parties! Don't vote for another REP or DEM. Pick and independent, or choose one of the alternative parties. There's a bunch of 'em now, so you're bound to find one that fits your idealogy.


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ROCK ON, I'll be back... I promise!


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Candace O'Mohundro said...

Good morning,
I'm in for the revolt.But,I would like to add Delta Air-
lines (& others) to the mix.Last week we were charged $380.00 extra at the airport before getting onto our flight.Nowhere was it posted on our ticket,nor did our AAA travel agent inform us,that such charges(i.e.$180.00 for a 4 & 8 lb.over-age,plus$100 each way for checking our-selves in)would be incurred.This is
EXTORTION ! I am in the process of contacting every tv network, Delta's corp.
office in Atlanta, plus every major newspaper.If ou have anymore advice for me,please contact me.
Candace O'Mohundro
P.S. YOU GO GIRL ! ! !