Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not your average blogger... a Rockerchic???

I'm the newest kid on the blogging block. I always envisioned most bloggers as urban twenty-somethings earning 60K in relax-fit Diesel jeans, eating organic foods, and driving around in beamers or explorers. Perhaps many really don't fit that stereotype, but I doubt few are more eclectic than I am. I'm a 45 year old married gal who grew up po' white trash in rural Northern California. I drive a '93 Chrysler Imperial, for which my motto is, "Hey, don't laugh... It's paid for!" I have a Ba.S. degree in Psychology (which was earned after a sudden illness that forced me to change careers a decade ago) and work for below-market wages in my County's mental health department.

I'm also a recovering alky with 12 years' sobriety. My checkered past was fraught with tales worthy of a Harlequin romance novel from Hell, I partied a LOT and landed in some weird places and situations. The most memorable, though, was living in Los Angeles in the mid 1980's and this country-raised city kid had a fever for action. It was the hey-day of the glam-metal craze, and I was an office worker by day, hair-metal diva by night - stalking my rounds at the live band clubs in Hollywood. The Whisky, the Rainbow, Gazzari's, FM Station (my favorite in North Hollywood) and the Country Club. My hair was even bigger than my ego, and my black leather skirt, stiletto heels and spiked collars were actually a little conservative compared to some of the other blond vixens on the L.A. club scene then. I dated many musicians, and I'll admit it was damn fun. I eventually married and ended up back in my hometown when glam metal was succumbing to death by 90's grunge.

A few years ago, my mother passed away and left me a small inheritance. I used some for school and the rest in a savings account. With interest rates low, I decided to take a risk and look into some type of investment. Now, I had no idea where to go with this. Folks around these parts don't know what a mutual fund is, and "stock market" means the cattle auction yard up the highway. 401K? Here in Nor Cal's version of Appalachia, we don't know what one is, much less have one. Half the population of this county are on welfare, disability, SSI or retirement. As for the other half, most work for Wal-Mart or other part-time jobs with no benefits. So, with the advent of the internet, I set out to research and teach myself about the stock market and investments so I could make an intelligent, informed decision. (Not what I used to do with "disposable income", which in the party days went to the bars or up my nose).

And so, I started googling phrases like "stock investing for dummies", "Investments for beginners", etc. What I stumbled upon ROCKED me to my very core. I found some very credible sources, authors, traders, investment consultants, and even the former U.S. Comptroller General saying that our financial system is on the verge of COLLAPSE! Being the curious type as well as a skeptic, I wanted to know why they are saying these things. So I dug some more. I learned about how banking works, the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal, nor does it actually "reserve" anything), and what this mortgage crisis was all about. "OMG", I shrieked. This hasn't been on any of the news (this was back in January). If that weren't scary enough, I then stumbled across articles on Peak Oil, New World Order, crash of the dollar. Holy Crap! I started putting the pieces together, and all of this sounds very much like what's in Bible prophecies. I realized that what I need to be preparing for is WAAAAY beyond "investing" money, which once hyper-inflation really kicks in will not be worth the paper it's printed on.

What I... what WE... need to be preparing for is bigger than anything experienced since the great depression of the 1930's. But, everyday I keep studying all of this, going to different sources, verifying the numbers and hoping there's been a huge mistake and it will all be wrong. Unfortunately, the more information I find, the more the conclusion solidifies like wet cement on a hot dry day. At this point, the magnitude of our country sinking in a red-ink Titanic is just beginning to be talked about on MSM, albeit minimized. The corpgov ringers' pollyanna cheerleading seems to be fooling no one.

I had never considered "blogging" before, I thought that was for you latte-lapping yuppies in your SUV's on your way to a mountain-biking excursion. Rockerchics don't "blog", but I guess here's one that does. Why? I consider it my duty as a Christian to get involved in the truth-telling campaign. How else are hard-working Americans going to prepare themselves for what is coming? This is no exaggeration, no joke - seriously, dude. A year from now life as we know it will be drastically different from today. No matter what "genre" your geared to, where you come from or what you want in life. Your freedom is in danger. Your money is in danger. Your American birthright is being stolen out from under you by the globalist bandwagon bunch. Don't believe me? Google Bilderberg Group, check out my video playlist on my YouTube channel (Rockerchic4God). I will begin to compose a list of links to other very credible sources and put it on this site. At first I didn't believe it either. I have a tested-confirmed I.Q. of 137 and I don't fall for frooty "conspiracy theories" or wear a tinfoil helmet.

So here's what this blog will do. I will keep you all informed of the highlights I get from reliable sources, offer suggestions for preparing for God-knows-what, and to keep us all from coming apart at the seams with all of these weighty issues I will impart some humor and lively discussion of classic heavy metal for all you headbangers out there (yeah, c'mon - you thirty-somethings, you still secretly love Metallica and 'Priest, don'tcha?) Admit it... When was the last time you talked about the Scorpions' Love at First Sting album?

I'm also open to suggestions. If they suck, I will tell you. If they don't suck, I'll do what I can. What you will ALWAYS get from me is the truth, whole and unvarnished... Regardless of whether you like my platform goth mary-jane shoes or not!

Until next week, ROCK ON, buds!


Anonymous said...

Okay! A pretty good update. Just a word or two...It seems to me that it's been the neo-cons that have been pooh-poohing the predictions of collapse while being the very people responsible for it...The "wacko" left-wingers are the ones who've been trying to change the direction of this (bowel)movement. Also, remember
prophesy predicts.....

Jlo0312 said...

Rockerchic...did you fall off the wagon? February was a LOOOOONNNNG time ago